Clinically Tested

Independently tested by the University of Florida College of Medicine. These clinical studies were not funded in any way by BPrime. Therefore, the results were not biased nor influenced due to financial incentives.

The UF studies demonstrated significant induction of IL-6 RESPONSES IN MACROPHAGES which greatly enhance immune response to fight off and resist intruders attacking the body.


Doctor Recommended

Doctor Recommended

Pharmacist Recommended

Chiropractor Recommended

Fast Absorption

According to many studies (including statements made in the Physician’s Desk Reference), liquid has
an absorption rate of 98%, whereas the absorption rate of pills/capsules is only 5-18%. Ingredients can only take effect if they enter the bloodstream. Therefore, liquids have a competitive advantage in efficacy, effectiveness, and bioavailability!

If 80-95% of the ingredients in pills never reach the bloodstream, then where do they go? Consider every $100 spent on pills, approximately $90 of it ends up being flushed down the toilet.

Pills/capsules take longer to breakdown in the body. However, when nutrients are taken in liquid form, they bypass the digestive process and go directly into the bloodstream, creating no barriers of entry from buffers, binders, or fillers.