Bob Weiner
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A number of weeks ago I had the worst cold and flu symptoms in years and took my first dose of Flu-B-Gone!

Within hours I started feeling better and within a day later after taking a few more doses I was totally feeling great. I was amazed and so glad I tried it! It works for sure!
Eric Gilbert-Orrego
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This really works! My wife and I have both used it when we had flu or even cold symptoms and we could tell it was working in clearing up our sinuses.

The strong flavor of peppers is worth it to feel better. My wife even likes the taste of the peppers…
Jarred Mussen
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As a fitness professional, I always prefer and recommend whole food and natural ingredients. Flu-B-Gone is not only food that is all natural, but it works very well to empower the body’s cells to function more effectively to fight off any type of sickness. I had a chest congestion and a sore throat during…
Josh Parker
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This is the real deal! My girlfriend and I were both sick with the flu. We live very active and healthy lifestyles so we don’t like to put a lot of foreign substances into our bodies. We don’t usually like to take a lot of medications when we’re sick because we like to shake it off naturally. This was a great option for us!

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