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Our health boosters are packed with nature’s most powerful superfoods, plants, roots and herbs. This unique combination is effective with helping cleanse the body naturally, strengthen the immune system, recover health during periods of seasonal imbalance and much more!


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Life for the innocent

Rescues, restores and renews children from human trafficking. Based in South Asia and rescue children from sex trafficking, organ harvesting, and forced labor camps. 

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Giving a “hand up” to underprivileged people groups around the world by helping build schools, providing supplies, feeding the hungry, and conducting sports camps/ leadership conferences for the youth.

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Our mission is to “Create a Healthier World, One Life at a Time” where you don’t just get well but also stay healthy. We believe in the power of natural ingredients. The natural route is the best route.

Healthy living is more than just doing healthy things. It’s also making healthy choices, to the point that doing becomes being. It’s a lifestyle. A lifestyle of prime living – high importance and high quality. To be active – feel good and be alive. To be the full you…

To Be Prime!

Your body is like a high-performance car, and your HEALTH is its maintenance. At Bprime, we’re here to help you stay in excellent condition, equipping you with high-octane fuel to run at maximum capacity!

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Our Story

Many years ago, while living overseas (from the mountains of Costa Rica to the Amazon jungles of Peru), my family and I discovered the powerful benefits of the natural ingredients now used in our patented formulated products.

Our observation was that many people who were getting sick on a regular basis was due in part to a weak immune system, and a deficient diet. Often, when our family or friends would come down with cold/flu-like symptoms we would provide them a batch of our special formula. To our amazement, year after year our family never had to make regular doctor visits for any seasonal sicknesses!

Clinically Tested


Independently tested by the University of Florida College of Medicine. These clinical studies were not funded in any way by BPrime. Therefore, the results were not biased nor influenced due to financial incentives.

The UF studies demonstrated significant induction of IL-6 RESPONSES IN MACROPHAGES which greatly enhance immune response to fight off and resist intruders attacking the body.

“I highly recommend Flu-B-Gone®. The body needs to be able to naturally build up its immune system instead of an over dependence on antibiotics and prescription drugs.

The ingredients in Flu-B-Gone® have been proven to be very effective in the fight against influenza and other maladies”.

Dr. Mike Helton, M.D. & Internal Medicine Specialist | Nashville, TN.

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South America's "Strongest Man", Featured on History Channel's "Superhumans"

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USA Olympic Gold Medalist & 100m World Record Holder


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Charlie Ward

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